Landscape of an Urban Campus

Design proposal for an urban university campus.

BRAC University residential campus, formerly known as BRAC BLC, is the place which is dedicated mostly to the students of BRAC University and offers a holistic curriculum based on the principle of ‘experiential learning’ and promotes a broad range of diverse skills and qualities, to complement the theoretical development that students undergo. This campus is located at Savar, Dhaka, about 21 km away from the main campus of
BRAC University, surrounded by residential and several other educational infrastructures. With the continuum of time, the surrounding environmental condition has been deteriorating day by day. Once highly enriched with ecological and environmental diversity, the site is now losing its essence. From 2004 to 2016, the natural settings of the campus have faded away a lot and so has the memory connected to that place. The harmony among space, landscape and people are being lost due to gradual expansions. The existing plan of this residential campus lacks a balance between human and natural environment. There is at least 15% area in this campus which is unused or underused.  According to current statistics, this campus is mostly used by the students of BRAC University (about 9 months). For the rest of the time, this is occupied by the trainees of BRAC training program. As time is passing by, the number of occupants is increasing day by day. At present, there are about 500 students living in this campus with a ratio between boys and girls of 60:40. It is expected that the number of students will be double within a next couple of years. As a result, the additional expenses regarding utilities and other services are rising as well.