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Fall 2017 Course Description


August – November Session

From house compounds to neighborhoods, and from villages to rice-fields and regions with rivers and rivulets, we organize our surroundings in shifting scales and scopes. Scale is not only a difference in geometry, size and dimension, it is the basis of our changing geographic imagination; scale triggers perceptual shifts that affect how we see the world and live in it. Being most critical to the arrangement of architecture, landscapes and settlements, the Academic Sessions in Fall 2017 — “large scale,” “medium to small scale,” and “human scale” — will offer workshops, seminars and studios that will explore the consequences of scale.

Some of the Fall 2017 faculty includes: Lindsay Bremner who will look into the “monsoon milieu” of the Indian Ocean, anthropologist Naveeda Khan will share her studies of life and habitations in the “char” areas of Bangladesh, architect and educator Prem Chandavarkar will discuss new understandings of our cities and landscapes, architects C Anjalendran from Sri Lanka and Kevin Low from Malaysia will present their work and discuss the situations in which they work. Eminent Australian architect Gregory Burgess will join us for a special session.
Additionally, there will be two special programs, one with students from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, and another with students of University of Westminster.

Faculty line up:

Sonia Amin
C Anjalendran
Gregory Burgess
Lindsay Bremner
Prem Chandavarkar
Kevin Low
Adnan Morshed
Ng Sek San
Other faculty to be added.