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Fall 2024: The Wisdom of Water: A Special Workshop on Landscape Architecture (Second Edition)

A special workshop on Landscape Architecture conducted by Turenscape Academy with Bengal Institute

Date: 15th – 28th September, 2024


We are pleased to announce the special tutors from Turenscape Academy who will conduct the workshop in Xixinan. The group represents a richly diverse and wide range of topics and expertise in landscape architecture and ecology.

Kongjian Yu

Founder and Principal Designer, Turenscape; Professor and Dean, College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Peking University; Doctor of Design, Harvard Graduate School of Design, 1995; Doctor Honoris Causa in Landscape and Environment, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, 2017; Honorary Doctor in Landscape Architecture, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway, 2019; Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects, 2012; 2020 IFLA Sir Geffrey Jellico Award Winner; International Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2016.

Dihua LI

Associate professor of the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, vice dean of the Graduate School of Landscape Architecture, Peking University, and member of the Academic Commission of Urban Ecological Construction, Chinese Society of City Planning. He has multiple backgrounds in urban ecology and landscape planning practice. Immediately after the Wenchuan Earthquake, he organized a group of people to publish a book, a manual of post-quake reconstruction, for a harmonious ecological home, which was part of a major contribution from Peking University during that time. He also took charge of the Post-quake Reconstruction Planning of Wolong National Natural Reserve. He led innovative Ecological City Planning and Land Use Planning Projects in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shunde (Guangzhou), Inner Mongolia and Wuhan, Hangzhou, and Taizhou (Zhejiang). His publications focus on ecological urban studies and landscape research.

Liu Dehua

Deputy Director and Chief Architect of Beijing Turenscape; National First-Class Registered Architect, Professor-level Senior Engineer.

Shuhan Shi

Lecturer at the School of Sports, Leisure, and Tourism, Beijing Sport University; Doctor of Human Geography, Peking University; Joint Ph.D. Program with the University of California, Berkeley; Master’s in Geography, Landscape Architecture, Peking University. Research Areas: Outdoor Sports Facilities, Outdoor Recreation and Leisure, Cultural Landscapes. Published papers on Structural Characteristics and Contemporary Value of Traditional Water Cultural Landscapes in the Huizhou Region.

Changhui Zheng

Architecture Design Teacher at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts; Master of Architecture from the College of Fine Arts, Libin, architect, expert in design sketching, painter, and director of the Chinese Youth Designers Alliance.

Shan Shan Wu

Director of Turenscape Research Institute; Ph.D. from the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Specializing in the research of Wetland Ecology.

Jianing Li

Ph.D. candidate in Landscape Architecture at Peking University. Specializing in the research and practice of heritage village revitalization. Involved in research projects related to landscape interpretation and ecological infrastructure.

Huixian Wang

Director of Turenscape Academy and Assistant to Professor Yu Kongjian. Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Dalian University of Technology.

Ruojing Hao

Academic Director of Turenscape Academy; Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from Peking University.