Hazrat Shahjalal Mazar Complex

Bengal Institute's proposal for one the most significant cultural and spiritual points in the heart of Sylhet.

Located in the heart of Sylhet city, Hazrat Shahjalal Mausoleum is a place of worship irrespective of caste or creed. Various types of installations have been built here at different times, which in many cases have not been utilised properly. Moreover, there is no visible or practical coherence of houses built in different types and styles. Due to inadequacy and mismanagement of their place of worship, the women are deprived of the opportunity to worship even after waiting for a long time. As the impact of the shrine extends over a large area, an integrated plan of the whole area is required. For example, renovating original buildings that have in many cases been disrupted by new installations; expansion of pond area; creating more efficient and improved arrangements for the visitors and worshipers of the shrine; reconstruction of well and its surroundings used by Shahjalal; changing the ground floor of the store building to accommodate worshippers’ resting area there.

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