Mashiat Iqbal

Academic Associate, Academic Program

Bengal Institute Team

Mashiat Iqbal is an Architect based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She received her degree from the department of Architecture, BRAC university in 2020. She loves dabbling in photography as a hobby and has volunteered in multiple events and workshops. One of her notable achievements in photography is acquiring 1st place in ‘Places of Memory’ photography competition by Context BD and Bangladeshi Architects in Australia. She has volunteered at multiple organizations and is a passionate advocate for social causes, contributing to initiatives that promote sustainability, social work, and environmental protection.

Mashiat has a special interest in research, writing and enjoys creating visuals. She seeks to integrate her interests, bringing a unique perspective to every project. Outside of work, she can often be found painting, sketching or planning her next travel adventure. She is dedicated to living a creative and fulfilling life, both personally and professionally.