Md. Saleh Ahmed Sharker

Junior Research and Design Associate

Bengal Institute Team

Md. Saleh Ahmed Sharker graduated from the Department of Architecture, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology in 2021. He is interested in expanding professional experience relating to his career, whether in the area of architecture, urban planning or other fields of design. He is a motivated individual who has an undivided attention in designing architecture where people get connected to nature. Saleh’s early interests are in ancient Bengal, which is enriched with natural heritage, archeological-architecture, vast mangrove forests area, hilly area, riverside developments etc. His B.Arch thesis titled, “Buddhist Monastery Complex and Children Home at Rangamati”, focused on one of the oldest of oriental philosophies which emphasizes the importance of human harmonious co-existing with nature.

Saleh has participated in various workshops related to architecture with EMK Center and a workshop on three dimensional visualizations of architectural heritage with an UNESCO Research Fellow. Apart from architecture, he has a keen interest in natural and architectural photography, while traveling in and around the city or countryside for great learning experiences.