Oindriza Reza

Junior Research and Design Associate

Bengal Institute Team

Oindriza Reza is an architect and cultural enthusiast from Dhaka, Bangladesh. She received her Bachelor of Architecture on 2022, from Brac University. Oindriza lives for animals, occasional visits to the sea, eating khichuri and watching the TV series “The Office”.

She is an avid singer, dancer and a reader. Some of her notable achievements include winning the music reality show “GTV Fanta Band” in 2016. She played and won many tournaments as a part of the school basketball team.

Oindriza likes to design, research and write. Her current reading interests include urban strategies involving Dhaka city, historical conservation methods, and technologies in architecture. Her undergraduate thesis topic was regenerating Kallyanpur canal as a prototypical solution for reviving canals of Dhaka. As a part of the Bengal Institute team, she worked on an architectural heritage documentation project, “Hidden Heritage: Homes in Dhaka”.

She hopes to be able to keep learning new things and enjoy the process.