Syeda Fatematuj Zohura Prionty

Research and Design Associate

Architect | Research and Design Associate, Bengal Institute for Architecture, Landscapes and Settlements

Syeda Fatematuj Zohura Prionty graduated from the Department of Architecture, University of Asia Pacific in 2019. Daily life problems related to architecture, and new perspective on human life, along with the aspects of their lifestyle are what inspire and interest her. Photoshop, vector graphics, handicrafts as well as hand drawings are few things which can be listed as her passion and skills. Talking about the engaging factors with various events, volunteering at Nogornama- The Future of Our Habitats, and the exhibit of one of the project of her “Railway Transference Urbanism“ on Department of Architecture of Daffodil Internationl University are a few.

She is involved with Toitomboor since 2018; where her idea of inspiring children into reading, physical activities and connecting them to the nature got her a place among the top ten ideas. Apart from architecture, involvement with children is something which occupies most of her time.