Rida Haque

Junior Research and Design Associate

Bengal Institute Team

Rida Haque is a young architect who has recently completed her graduation from Department of Architecture, BRAC University in 2022. She is a self-taught artist who runs the art page ‘Artsemist’, which showcases artworks with oil paints, acrylic, charcoal, watercolor, graphite & mixed media along with digital media that epitomizes the form of reality and at times abstract ideas. Her artworks have been displayed in exhibitions such as ‘Noir At Blanc’, ‘Art for the Soul’, ‘Art for the Cause’, ‘Katchpencil’ and she has donated paintings to the charity ‘Privilege for Underprivileged’ and some others for social welfare. She has been a volunteer at the ARCASIA Forum 20. Rida also participated in a workshop on Edible Playscape and has presented in the Ecocity Satellite Conference: Bangladesh & Nepal, 2020. Recently, she worked as a Research and Production Associate for the project “Hidden Heritage: Homes in Dhaka”.

As a creative individual, Rida is constantly seeking new forms of expression and new styles to improve her abilities. She loves adventure, travel, and having new experiences, and wishes to be constantly inspired by new things and new people.