Saad Ben Mostafa


Visiting & Regular Faculty

Saad Ben Mostafa is a Bangladeshi architect. He graduated from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in 2017. 

He has a focus on context-aware design of architectural projects, hands-on experience of local materials and construction techniques, community engagement and people-led design process, and a good understanding of local ecology and landscape.

He has been involved in different humanitarian projects since June 2018, till now. In addition, he has been working on building awareness among the architects’ community in Bangladesh  to study, learn, practice and document traditional building technology as well as understand the relationship between ecology-wildlife and human-habitat.

He has worked with Form 3 Architects, Prabartan consultants, Sneha Foundation Bangladesh, Humanitarian Crisis Management Programme (HCMP)-BRAC, Oxfam GB, Foundation for Architecture and Community Equity (FACE Bangladesh) etc. 

Currently he is working as Assistant Architect in the Department of Architecture, Ministry of Housing and Public Works, Government of Bangladesh