Sadiqun Nahar

Junior Research and Design Associate

Following completion of her apprenticeship, Sadiqun Nahar joined Bengal Institute as a Junior Research and Design Associate in the Geographic Research Unit. She has a bachelor’s degree in Geography and Environment from the University of Dhaka and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Physical Geography and Environment from the same department. Sadiqun contributed an essay as a co-author with Sanjoy Roy for the upcoming publication ‘The Great Padma’.

During her graduating year, she was involved in various research projects and worked as a ‘GIS Analyst’ for GroupMappers and Shahin Geospatial. She received the National Science and Technology Research Fellowship. She believes that everything is interconnected with nature, necessitating an exploration of physical geography. She has dreams about expanding the physical geography research field, which would benefit her country.

She excelled in both sports and the culture, winning multiple prizes. She has served as the chief commander in parade in her college’s annual sport. She enjoys cooking and is a foodie.