Participant Works from Nilphamary Workshop 2020

Niklaus Graber and Saif Ul Haque led a workshop in Nilphamari on urban transformation, where participants imagined and visualised how Nilphamari could continue to grow and remain a livable city.

The workshop took place in Nilphamari, a growing town in Rangpur division in North-West Bangladesh. The workshop began with surveys all around the city, not only to see the facilities, but also to understand the identity of the town. Through various exercises the participants discovered and identified Niphamari’s character, and from thereon developed ideas to improve the town. Particular focus was placed on the challenges the future holds for the town with critique of the current progress of the town and the existing plans for development.

Participant Works from Nilphamari Workshop 2020

Through rigorous conceptualising and re-conceptualising of various aspects and features of the town, the participants developed many ideas that will give the current and future residents of Nilphamari not only a more livable city, but also one that retains its distinct identity.

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