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For The Users of Website (The Website)


We respect your privacy and we handle your data with utmost security and confidentiality. We use standard cookies and/or sessions and certain third-party services to improve your experience of using the website (

Understanding 'Cookies'

A cookie is a piece of text which asks permission to be placed on your computer's hard drive. Once you agree (or your browser agrees automatically if you have set it up in that way), your browser adds that text in a small file. 

Consent to use of cookies

Cookies collect information about how visitors use the site, for instance which pages visitors go to most often, and if they get error messages from web pages. These cookies do not collect information which identifies a visitor and we will not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information about you. All information is aggregated and therefore anonymous. By using the website you agree that we can place these types of cookies on your device.

How to control and delete cookies

We treat all the data held with the utmost care and security. However, if you wish to restrict or block the cookies which are set by, or indeed any other website, or if you wish to receive notification of cookie placement requests or decline cookies completely, you can do this through your browser settings. The Help function within your browser should tell you how. Please be aware that declining or denying cookies may prevent you from being able to use the website to its highest capability. Alternatively, you may wish to visit which contains comprehensive information on how to do this on a wide variety of browsers as well as more general information about cookies.

Other key information you should know:

All data collected, archived and recorded at and through the Website is anonymous or anonymised. (Unless you are providing additional information voluntarily. Example, if you are LiveChat you are responsible for the infomration you voluntarily provide, or the MailChimp Subscription form, it may record and transmit your name, email address and messages as you provide.
Also, all third-party plugins may have different policies for anonymity. Example: Google and Facebook may be tracking your browsing anonymously or not, depending on 'your' privacy settings with those services, and the security features of your browser. Further details are in the following paragraphs.).

Your public IP address with time-stamp is logged and kept on record (regardless of your cookie settings or preferences). This also allows the system to obtain and record certain publicly available meta-information aggregated from your IP address, which may include your ‘country-level’ location and basic information about your internet connection. This is a standard practice invariably applied at any website on the internet.

Your ‘user agent’ information is recorded (regardless of your cookie settings or preferences). ‘User agent’ information may include some details of the device you browse the Website with, its basic model, operating system etc. This is a standard practice invariably applied at any website on the internet.

Your browsing history inside is recorded for statistics anonymously.

We use Google Analytics and other standard public browsing data-collection tools to analyse and archive visitors’ statistics anonymously. (Details below).

Your interactions with any third-party run embedded media (Example: embedded YouTube video, issue book, SoundCloud audio, Facebook post and video, Instagram post, Flickr photos etc.) within the website may have different terms and privacy policy set by the respective owners/operators of the embedded media or contents. Those policies may greatly vary from Bengal Institute’s privacy policy.

Your connection from your browser to server may be routed through a CDN (Content Distribution Network), i.e: CloudFlare. (Details in the following paragraphs).

Physical location and local laws: The organisation, Bengal Institute for Architecture, Landscapes and Settlement is physically located in Dhaka, Bangladesh at this location:
45 Kamal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh
The Website is distributed through a Content Distribution Network (CDN) from various 'cloud stations' in multiple locations all over the world. Generally you are being served from the nearest CDN server. No matter where the contents are physically served from, we adhere to the local (Bangladeshi) law of Information and Communication Technology for data protection, privacy, abuse and other statutory issues.

Use of LiveChat

The LiveChat funciton on Bengal Institute website is routed through a self-hosted technology, no third party software or CRM is involved, the call-centre/crm service is not outsourced. Designated Bengal Institute's employees directly connect to the LiveChat through the self-hosted platform. The LiveChat is connected through full-time enforced TLS encryption.

The Information that is collected by default from LiveChat users:
—Standard http header information (your public IP address, user agent information with time-stamp may be recorded in perpetuity, regardless of your cookie settings or preferences).
—Your name. You must write a name to start the chat.

Once the conversation is started, the user is responsible for the information they voluntarily provide through the LiveChat to the designated Bengal Institute employee (agent). The agent may ask for additional personal information for follow up and future communications if required. The conversions may be saved in the database indefinitely, and shared among the LiveChat managers and agents of Bengal Institute.

We strongly recommend not sharing any password or payment instrument information through LiveChat.

Active Third-party Services in the website that might affect your privacy

The Website uses certain third-party services to improve the experience of its users, to collect traffic information, various optimisations and to serve rich embedded media. These services, embedded contents use their own sets of cookies, often unrelated to The most important ones are:

1. Analytics

The services contained in this section enable the Owner to monitor and analyze web traffic and can be used to keep track of User behavior. The Website uses:

Google Analytics (Google Inc.)

Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google utilizes the Data collected to track and examine the use of this Application, to prepare reports on its activities and share them with other Google services.

Google may use the Data collected to contextualize and personalize the ads of its own advertising network.

Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

Place of processing: United States – Privacy PolicyOpt Out. Privacy Shield participant.

2. Traffic optimisation and distribution (Use of CDN)

This type of service allows this Website to distribute the content using servers located across different countries, and to optimise the performance, in general terms it is known as the Content Distribution Network (CDN).

Considering the widespread distribution of this system, it is difficult to determine the locations to which the contents that may contain Personal Information User are transferred. The Website uses:

CloudFlare (Cloudflare)

CloudFlare is a traffic optimisations and distribution service provided by CloudFlare Inc.

The way CloudFlare is integrated means that it filters all the traffic through this Website, i.e., communication between this Website and the User's browser, while also allowing analytical data from this Website to be collected.

Personal Data collected: Cookies and various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service.

Place of processing: United States – Privacy Policy.

3. Managing contacts and sending messages

This type of service makes it possible to manage a database of email contacts, phone contacts or any other contact information to communicate with the User.

These services may also collect data concerning the date and time when the message was viewed by the User, as well as when the User interacted with it, such as by clicking on links included in the message. The Website uses:

MailChimp (The Rocket Science Group, LLC.)

MailChimp is an email address management and message sending service provided by The Rocket Science Group LLC.

Personal Data collected: email address, first name and last name if voluntarily provided by the user.

Place of processing: United States – Privacy Policy. Privacy Shield participant.

4. Other Embedded Content and Associated Cookies

Throughout the Website, there may be embedded contents from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube,, Esri/ArcGIS and Flickr. These third-party services may set their own cookies, obtain and track various information, which may be linked to your personal profiles with these services logged-in from the same browser or device,

Example: If you are viewing a Facebook video embedded inside our website, if you are logged in to Facebook from the same browser, Facebook may know and track that you have watched that video on our site. Same goes for YouTube and Google.

All third-party-services may have separate privacy policies, find those in the respective services. Bengal Institute is not liable for misuse of information transmitted through third-party services and cookies. You can tweak your browser for turning off/managing "third-party cookies." This webpage may give you further explanation and differences of third, second and first party cookies.

The Website Public Events Academic Programs Online Payment

For the Participants of the Public Events (The Events)

Applicable for any invitation-only, semi-public, ticketed, free or open events organised by the Institute at the Institute premises or at any out-side venue. Unless otherwise explicitly declared "off the record" in written communications or visible signs at the venue, invariably:

You will be on camera! You will be on record!

We will not ask your permission for using your photos or videos. "Your presence at the Event premises" is your consent in perpetuity.

By attending any public or invitation-only event organised by Bengal Institute, you give us the consent to take your photo and record your video with audio without any further explicit announcement or agreement, i.e: your presence is your consent to us by default. We may publish your photo and video anywhere in any format without any notification or permission, and it may also be used for promotional materials.

All Bengal Institute (Bengal Foundation and its associated entities) operated facilities are equipped with 24/7 CCTV cameras, that records and archives your activities in video format with or without audio. This 'consent by default' rule is only applicable for cameras and equipments operated by the Institute, the Foundation and its affiliated organisations.

Write to [email protected] 'before' the event you are attending, with your requirements, objections or disagreements etc. if you have any.

Photo and Video Archiving (Third Party 'Facial Recognition' FR Applied)

All the photos and videos shot at Bengal Institute events, premises and academic programs are digitally archived offline and with a 'cloud-backup'. Google Photos [Google's Privacy Policy] and Dropbox [Dropbox Privacy Policy] may be used for online cloud backup services. One or more of these third-party services may have 'facial recognition' based archiving system.

The Institute generally use facial recognition system for internal documentation, archiving and searching purposes only. However, since it is a service provided by global third party companies, their privacy policy around the FR may be different, and more invasive than ours. Attending Bengal Institute events mean, you are voluntarily accepting third-party facial recognition policies as well.


All recorded audio and video may be written as transcripts in multiple languages. Transmission, archiving and publication of the transcripts is also part of your "consent by presence" policy, ie: we will not ask your permission before publishing any transcript from a public event. If you have registered, bought a ticket or RSVP'd through a digital form

You give us some personal details that may include your full name, phone number, email address, mailing address etc. to attend any event that is not open to public. We generally ask as minimum personal information as possible. All the information you send us through online forms are managed with vigilant and strict confidentiality and care. We do not share your contact information collected from any public event subscription/registration/ticket forms to any third-party without your explicit consent.

Respect others’ privacy

While it is generally acceptable to take photographs at/during Bengal Institute events, please make sure you are not disturbing others. Do not use flash at any point.

Video/audio recording is discouraged. Do not 'go live' over Facebook/Periscope/Instagram etc. We request discretion and sensitivity in distributing the photos you take—through social or other media. In case of privacy or security infringements, you agree to delete/remove any content that was obtained/recorded/shot at Bengal Institute premises or events organised by the Institute upon request on a case by case basis.

Write to [email protected] if you have any issue with any published photo that is not covered by the first clause of 'consent by default.'

The Website Public Events Academic Programs Online Payment

For the Participants of the Academic Programs (Academic Programs)

Everything of the Website and Public Events related policies apply, in addition for the students and participants of academic programs these privacy terms will apply:

We collect non-intrusive personal information from Academic Program Participants

To join in all/any academic program the applicants/participants must provide certain personal details. That may include, their legal name, phone number, email address, date of birth, present address, educational and work histories etc. We also collect copies of government issued photo-ID as part of the admission process.

Generally, we use a Google Form and Dropbox file-upload service for collection of these information, and we use a paperless system of carefully shared Google Spreadsheets to manage the data within the Academic Team of Bengal Institute. Usage of these third-party services for managing Academic participants' personal data is subject to the usage policies of Google Docs and Dropbox.

We respect your privacy

The information collected by Bengal Institute from the participants will remain strictly confidential. Your personal data and identity documents will not be shared or published without prior consent. The information of the admission form, any other data collection forms and surveys, submitted identity documents, certificates and other relevant official papers will only be used internally by the admission office for selection, administration and record-keeping purposes.

Copy of your photo and identity documents may be shared with the security departments the venues operated by Bengal Foundation or its concerns. Bengal Institute, Bengal Foundation and its related entities may access your information for archiving, record-keeping and other internal official affairs. We will never sell your data to any third-party.

Information shared with your fellow classmates

We do not share participants' contact details or personal information with their fellow classmates.

Exceptions: we may share participants' phone numbers and email addresses with the respective groups during traveling in and outside of Dhaka, for special projects or group projects that require remote interaction among the participants; we notify the participants before sharing these information.

Other exceptions

Third-party contractors/vendors/experts/consultants might get access to your data, including your personal information if it is related (but not limited) to software development, data archiving, website development, personal and physical security etcetera. We handle these cases with utmost confidentiality, scrutiny and mutual agreement of similar terms of privacy with the third-parties. We may disclose your personal information to the law enforcement agencies as per local laws of Bangladesh.

Subscription to public announcements

By applying for / joining at the academic program you are subscribed to Bengal Institute’s public announcements by default. However, most of our outgoing communication channels have an automated ‘unsubscribe’ option, which you may use to stop incoming communications from BI. You can also manually submit a request for unsubscribing/opt-out from email, sms and other communication mediums by writing to [email protected].

On-site Policies: Photos and Recordings

You will be on camera! You will be on record!

We will not ask your permission for using your photos or videos. "Your presence at the program premises" is your consent in perpetuity.

All Bengal Institute, Bengal Foundation and affiliated orgasation operated premises are under 24/7 CCTV surveillance. Presentations, forums and special lectures are also recorded (audio and video). By signing this or agreeing to this policy (digitally or on paper) you give us the permission to use photos of you, your works related to academic programs, audio and video recording in any medium or format without your permission in future, and it may also be used for promotional materials.

You cannot record audio or video during any lecture, design studio or workshops (not even for personal use), without a prior discussion with, and approval by the respective faculty and the Academic Coordinator.

Respect others’ privacy

While it is generally acceptable to take photographs after obtaining consent from the participants, Bengal Institute’s staff should not be included in the photos without permission. We request discretion and sensitivity in distributing photos through social or other mediums. In case of privacy or security infringements, any relevant content should be deleted/removed as soon as possible upon request.

Alumni Network

You may be invited to join in an Alumni Network run as a private Facebook Group. Joining in the alumni network is optional. The privacy and rules of the group is governed by the standard Facebook Group policies.

Additional documents for Academic Programs participants:
1. Terms and Conditions of Academic Program:
2. Intellectual Property Policy:

The Website Public Events Academic Programs Online Payment

If You Are Paying Online

If you are paying online for Academic Programs' application, subscription etcetera fees or buying event tickets or any other product, publication or subscription you will be using "PortPos" payment processing service. All online payments are subject to PortPos' terms of use.

PortPos and all other related third-parties (mobile finance services, banks, card issuing authorities etc.) may acquire, store and transmit your name, phone number, email address, credit card information and/or other payment related information that you use with them.

Bengal Institute does not store any credit card information on its website, or any other online or offline channels. Bengal Institute would only be responsible as a 'client' or a 'merchant' of PortPos payment gateway. Online-payments and its privacy related all other liabilities are on the respective third-parties, and your agreements with them.

Write to [email protected] if you have any enquiry, concern, request or suggestion related to the privacy policies.