Bengal Architecture Symposium 01: Now/Next - Suha Özkan

Sun 20 Mar - Sun 20 Mar' 16

Suha Özkan at Bengal Architecture Symposium: NOW/NEXT

He gives an overview of the importance, significance, credibility and the validation that comes with the Architecture Awards around the world. He also treats everyone to some mesmerising works that support his point. Dr. Suha Ozkan is an architect and architectural theorist, and is the former Secretary General of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. Working from 1982 – 2007, he helped establish the Aga Khan Award as one of the premier architectural institutions of the world dedicated to the recognition and celebration of work of highest excellence. Dr. Ozkan is also the Founding President of World Architecture Community. Educated at the Middle East Technical University and Architectural Association, Dr. Ozkan was involved with a number of universities and institutions including METU, the UIA, and the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements and Hassan Fathy Institute. He is also the author of a number of books on contemporary architecture. Watch the entire Symposium at 

Originally recorded on 20th March 2016 at KIB Auditorium, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Organised by Bengal Institute for Architecture, Landscapes and Settlements in association with the Bengal Foundation.

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