Bengal Architecture Symposium 01: Now/Next - Syed Manzoorul Islam

Sat 19 Mar - Sat 19 Mar' 16

Syed Manzoorul Islam at Bengal Architecture Symposium: NOW/NEXT

Professor Islam elaborates on the necessity of interactive education; he laments that the prevalent education system is completely enclosed in classrooms and textbooks. He provides valuable insight into the merits and demerits of the way students are being taught at various levels based on his vast experience in the field. Syed Manzoorul Islam is a professor in the Department of English, Dhaka University and a noted academic, writer, columnist, and literary critic. He graduated from the University of Dhaka, did his PhD from Queen’s University in 1981, and taught at the University of Southern Mississippi as a Fulbright Scholar. He won Bangla Academy Award in 1996. Currently, he is a professor of English at the University of Dhaka. Watch the entire Symposium at

Originally recorded on 19th March, 2016 at KIB Auditorium, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Organised by Bengal Institute for Architecture, Landscapes and Settlements in association with the Bengal Foundation.

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