Earth Architecture And Eco Villages: A Lecture by Iliona Khalili

Wed 17 Feb - Wed 17 Feb' 16

Iliona Khalili speaks on Earth based sustainable architecture.

Iliona Khalili is an architect specialising in eco-friendly constructions, who focuses on sustainability. She has designed villages by minimising environmental impact of construction and maintenance by using earth friendly materials.

The talk focuses on the various techniques of building with Earth, their impact and applications.

“ we’re interested in looking at the natural elements, and the way they want to behave and trying to learn and build with that. So here you can see earth, water, air and fire and their natural forms and this wonderful quote from Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi.

“Earth, water, air and fire are obedient creatures. They are dead to you and me, but alive at God’s presence.”

They have their own way. So to begin to approach this, there is a sentiment of return to earth. Find our connection with earth again. And when you start looking at this concept of return to earth, you can find in it this concept of repentance, return, forgiveness, love, compassion and also…from Facebook, this great picture…ego and eco. So there’s an opposition here on our ego and what is eco and how can we begin to learn and harmonize these two. And the work that I’ll show you was pioneered by Nader Khalili, now we’re continuing. But… he was raised in Iran, worked in America and tried to bring his experience of these two worlds together in his work. So he was highly concerned with homelessness and he was raised in a house that was made with earth. But going to America, getting his training there, also saw how it has to combine with technology, how it has to be approved by the authorities and it has to find the language of science.”

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