Inhabiting Interior Seas - A Lecture by Arijit Chatterjee and Asha Sumra

Sun 28 Apr - Sun 28 Apr' 19

Arijit Chatterjee and Asha Sumra explore how interventions establish a fluid relationship between communities, land and water, and the shifting spaces in-between.

With increasingly powerful and unpredictable pressures on land, there is a movement towards occupying the waters to live, move and feed communities. This initiative is not new. From the Interior seas of Patagonia to the Ganges Delta, such practices have persisted from the time of sea nomads, and developed similarly to sedentary space on land. Interweaving literal exploration of interventions with a poetic exploration of ‘interior seas’, the talk will reveal how ideas of ecology could lead to a balanced and joyful inhabitation of the shifting spaces of land and water.

Arijit Chatterjee and Asha Sumra are practitioners and researchers who work across the fields of architecture, maritime and nautical design. Their current practice is focused on engaging with raw processes in spaces for making and the making of space.

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Time: 18:00-20:00, Sunday, 28th April, 2019
Place: Edward M. Kennedy (EMK) Center, Dhanmondi-27, Dhaka. [Map

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