Arindam Chakrabarti: সব পাখি ঘরে ফিরে: ঘর ছেড়ে ঘরে ফেরার বাস্তু দর্শন: All Birds Fly Back Home: Home and the Door in Philosophy of Architecture

Wed 14 Oct - Wed 14 Oct' 15

Public Lecture 7

Bengal Institute Public Lecture 07.

Arindam Chakrabarti started with describing the photo used in the promo poster of his lecture in which Parbati is coming home on a lion and poor Shiva walking along. Using humour and literary references, Chakrabarti continued explaining the etymology of Bengali words related to home and dwelling. He declared, there are 11 defining features of a home, the eleven conditions that turn a building or a shelter into someone’s home. The talk also shed lights on social problems and stigmas related to home and gender.

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