Kelly Shannon: Let it Flood - Rethinking Urbanism in Deltas

Thu 2 Jun - Thu 2 Jun' 16

Kelly Shannon is Professor of Architecture and Director of the Graduate Program of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Southern California. She completed her PhD at the University of Leuven (Belgium), She related her experience working on projects in Vietnam with the landscapes, conditions and culture of Bangladesh, while showcasing her extensive work in research on the Mekong Delta.

“‘Desa’ means village and ‘Kota’ means city. And this is a very interesting notion because he says that Asian cities are very unlike western cities, there is no separation and there never was between city and countryside, but the two are inevitably embedded with one another. So in the city we have the countryside and in the countryside we have pieces of urbanity. We should remember this as we modernize, we shouldn’t try to become, an Asian City shouldn’t try to become Western. The beauty of an Asian city is that it is ‘Desakota’, it is a village and it is a city.”

Not only did she express how important she thought that Asian cultures are represented in the architecture of the cities and settlements but also provided detailed analysis of the behaviour of water bodies in South-east Asia all the while mapping out how to use the interplay between landscape infrastructure and urbanism.