Public Presentations: New Urban Topologies

Thu 21 Nov - Thu 21 Nov' 19

Three members of Färgfabriken speak about the urban transformations around the world through political, architecture and social perspectives.

The New Urban Topology is about urban planning, about socio-economic aspects of the city, about inclusive communication between all stakeholders and about infusing art and architecture into the planning and communication process.

NUT Dhaka will put great emphasis on an interplay between city planning, art and architecture and look particularly into the benefits of artistic inputs to urban engineering.

This program consists of a few short presentations on the discussions and workshop outcomes, open for all.

New Urban Topologies was initiated by Färgfabriken Centre for Art, Architecture and Society in Stockholm, Sweden 6 years ago. Färgfabriken is an independent, non-partisan foundation, financed by both the public and private sectors. Since then, the project has been set up in 12 countries in three continents.

As part of the three-day program on New Urban Topologies-Dhaka, Bengal Institute for Architecture, Landscapes and Settlements is organising public presentations with Fargfabriken on the third and final day of the program.

The public presentations will include:

  • Introduction by Saif Ul Haque
  • A brief presentation of Fargfabriken by Joachim Granit
  • Constructed Rurality by Daniel Urey
  • Regenerative Cities by Giles Redding Thomson

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