Katharine Bartsch

Associate Head, School of Architecture and Built Environment, University of Adelaide

Visiting & Regular Faculty

Katharine Bartsch has been involved in learning and teaching at the School of Architecture and Built Environment at University of Adelaide since 1997. Her research examines how human mobility shapes the built environment, specifically Islamic architecture. Her research is interdisciplinary, reaching beyond conventional discourses of architecture, to obtain rich insights from anthropology, cultural geography, world systems theories, postcolonial theory, and the history of travel. This approach enables a critical understanding of the production and transformation of the predominantly hybrid architecture of Muslim communities. Thus, Katharine’s research offers a compelling counter-narrative to pervasive misconceptions about architecture and Islam.

Katharine has worked in collaborative design offices in Adelaide and India and she has travelled extensively. Combined, these experiences shape the global perspective that Katharine brings to her teaching and research activities.