Khushi Kabir

Social activist, feminist, and environmentalist

Khushi Kabir graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Dhaka in Fine Arts (Painting and Drawing). 

In 1972, immediately after the liberation of Bangladesh, Khushi joined one of the first Bangladeshi NGOs and became the first woman to be based in the field to live and work with rural marginalized women and men, in some of the most remote areas of Bangladesh.  In 1980 she joined Nijera Kori as Coordinator, a national level NGO working with 2,37,787 rural women and men in 1366 villages. Nijera Kori believes in creating strong autonomous organizations of the rural poor to assert their rights and ensure their entitlements as citizens. It believes patriarchy and class division are the twin forces against ensuing equality of women.

Khushi is passionately involved in promoting gender equality, rights of women, indigenous peoples and other marginalized communities; land and water rights, secularism, environmental justice, food sovereignty, ensuring democratic values and accountability at all levels. She is active in Public Interest Litigations, in protecting landless and slum dwellers from eviction, preventing transformation of agriculture land to shrimp farms, use of fatwa as a form of repression, actively voicing strong actions against violence against women, extra judicial killings and ensuring basic human rights for all.

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