Space is Society - October 2018 Session

Sun 14 Oct - Tue 23 Oct' 18

A two week long academic session on how we think about space, its relationships with society.

Space is both the basis and frontier of social life. In navigating space, we inhabit the world. Space is not given, it is constructed. Space is conceived, imagined and lived. Space is also contested, partitioned and privileged. Architects understand space in a way different than real estate developers or even geographers. Mathematicians conceive a space different from the one imagined by sociologists and anthropologists. In the diversity of how we conceive of and produce space, it is critical that we understand each other’s standpoints so that we may enrich our how we inhabit the world. We need to ask: How can we humanize space? How can we organize space for the benefit and equality for all? How can we think of intersecting spaces of habitation and ecology?

Space is fundamentally multifaceted and multidimensional. The space around us have more dimensions beyond the physical objects that define our visual fields. Societies, cities, neighborhoods, culture, gender, universal accessibility, and several other tacit elements shape our spatial reality. Whether we practice as architects and planners, or engage in issues of social justice and legal rights, we need to create a discourse around the changes, tensions and negotiations in the facets of space so that we may prepare a holistic understanding for the future.

Speakers from different disciplines, from science and social justice, to architecture, art, and cinema, spoke about their work, ideas and viewpoints on space. They were the following.

Scholar in urban studies Kirsten Hackenbroch
Professor in the Department of Geography at the London School of Economics Kasia Paprocki
Turkish architectural photographer Cemal Emden
Architect and noted academic Shamsul Wares
Environmentalist and social activist Khushi Kabir   
Dancer and Choreographer Pooja Sengupta
Architect Salauddin Ahmed and Artist Najmun Nahar Keya

It was a two weeks long program with 8 days of activities, that included seminar lectures and discussion forums.Location: Dhanmondi, Road 7A, House 60, Gyantapas Abdur Razzaq Bidyapeeth [Map]
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