Kazi Khaleed Ashraf

Director General, Bengal Institute

Bengal Institute Team | Executive Board | Visiting & Regular Faculty

Architect, Professor, Urbanist, Architectural Historian, Director-General, Bengal Institute for Architecture, Landscapes and Settlements.

Working at the intersection of architecture, landscape and the city, Kazi Khaleed Ashraf has authored books and essays on architecture in Bangladesh and India, the work of Louis Kahn, and the city of Dhaka. His various writings on the architecture of Bangladesh have provided a theoretical ground for understanding both the historical and contemporary forms of architecture, while his written and design work on Dhaka advances that city as a “theorem” for understanding urbanism in a deltaic geography.

Ashraf has taught at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, University of Pennsylvania, Temple University and Pratt Institute in the USA, and lectured widely internationally. He is the author of numerous publications including The Hermit’s Hut: Architecture and Asceticism in India (2012), An Architect in Bangladesh: Conversations with Muzharul Islam (2014) and Designing Dhaka: A Manifesto for a Better City (2012). His essays and articles have appeared in the Architectural Review, Architectural Design, Topos, Economic and Political Weekly, and other periodicals. Ashraf and contributing team received the Pierre Vago Journalism Award from the International Committee of Architectural Critics for the Architectural Design publication “Made in India.” He is the editor of the new series Locations: Anthology of Architecture and Urbanism.

Some of his works, writings, drawings and conversations can be found on