Fall 2017: September - November Session: Scale Is Everything: LARGE/MEDIUM/HUMAN

Mon 18 Sep - Thu 16 Nov' 17

A seven week long special session brought renowned architects, landscape architects and academics for a fantastic series of design workshops, seminars and other special events.

Some of the Fall 2017 faculty included: Lindsay Bremner who looked into the “monsoon milieu” of the Indian Ocean, architect and educator Prem Chandavarkar discussed new understandings of our cities and landscapes, architects Chelvadurai Anjalendran from Sri Lanka and Kevin Low from Malaysia presented their work and discussed the particular situations in which they work. Landscape architect Ng Sek San from Malaysia introduced his remarkable landscape projects. Eminent Australian architect Gregory Burgess conducted special seminars and lectures. Scholars Sonia Amin, Syed Manzoorul Islam and Adnan Morshed will also share with us their research works.

Also, special joint-programs with the students of Harvard Graduate School of Design and students of University Of Westminster wee planned as part of this session.