Fall 2016: September Session: Architecture in the Landscape

Mon 19 Sep - Thu 6 Oct' 16

A month long special program designed to bring out the best thoughts around designing for Bangladeshi landscapes

September Session was organized as a month-long program with lectures, presentations and discussions to understand making architecture in the landscapes of Bangladesh.

Architecture is a situated event, which means a built work is intimately tied to the dynamics of site, landscape, topography, and meteorology. In Bangladesh, such a dynamic is both a challenge and provocation for responding in uniquely creative ways. In our obligation to the “what” of architecture, we often overlook the fact that “where is architecture” is a far more critical issue for the design and production of architecture. In order to develop a philosophical, ethical and productive basis for making architecture in the landscapes of Bangladesh, and to conceptualize the landscape dynamics of Bangladesh, we invited nine leading architects and landscape architects to present their position on the theme through lectures, discussions and public forums.
The architects were Jalal Ahmad, Salauddin Ahmed, Rafiq Azam, Saif Ul Haque, Khandaker Hasibul Kabir, Nahas Khalil, Ehsan Khan, Marina Tabassum and Vitti Architects. Kazi Khaleed Ashraf introduced the program with lectures and moderated discussions.