Fall 2015: November Session: Architecture and the City

Sat 31 Oct - Tue 24 Nov' 15

The session began with exercises ideas of designing small towns, which continued as an elaborate studio work on designing Mymensingh as an example of a small town.

Andra Matin and Marina Tabassum asked the participants to come up with ideas about features of tropical architecture and design along the theme of ‘perforation’.
Focusing on designing small towns, Kazi Khaleed Ashraf and Ehsan Khan explored new possibilities for Mymensingh town with the participants.
Andra Matin talked about how he took vernacular features, distinctive of each island in Indonesia, in his works in an abstract way.
At Michael Sorkin’s studio, participants worked in groups to come up with ideas about the development of different neighbourhoods and analysing various aspects of a small town, Mymensingh.
An insightful discussion encompassing various zones of various contemporary urban issues and theories took place at a forum with Michael Sorkin and James Timberlake, which was moderated by Kazi Khaleed Ashraf.
James Timberlake discussed his recently published book, which is an extract from the seven years of work at the Dhaka – Design Research Lab.


Participant's Works