Balkrishna Doshi in a conversation with Kazi Khaleed Ashraf

Kazi Ashraf and Balkrishna Doshi converse about the connections that bind us culturally and architecturally and where we go from here.

Following the partition of British India, an architectural discourse raised the question of how one links with the past and also connects with our future. Around the same time, modernism was also taking shape in other parts of the world following the devastation of the second world war. Architects of that era were aware that they must start anew, with new ideas that would represent the newly found independence. How did architects of the two new nations — India and Pakistan — approach modernity in a world that was no longer the same? How did they internalise the local elements in design, at the same time relate those to something of their own creation? How are Balkrishna Doshi, Louis Kahn and Muzharul Islam connected through a single story? These are some of the topics Balkrishna Doshi discusses, in a conversation with Kazi Khaleed Ashraf, during his trip to Dhaka in 2003.

Balkrishna Doshi in a conversation with Kazi Khaleed Ashraf
Location: Residence of Saif Ul Haque, 2003
Camera : Enamul Karim Nirjhar
Post Production: 9 STEPS, 2019
Special Support: Syeda Tuhin Ara Karim, Sushanta Saha
Editor: Rajman Fuji