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Hiring: Interns (Full-time)

Bengal Institute is looking to hire three full-time interns for archiving, videography/photography and a book project.

We are currently seeking three enthusiastic and hard working individuals for the following positions:

1. Name of the position: Intern for BI archives

The responsibilities include:

  • Evaluating, selecting, retrieving and arranging materials produced and created at Bengal Institute.
  • Storing and preserving documents.
  • Maintaining confidentiality.
  • Managing and organizing contents for the BI archive
  • Receiving and filing various related delivery documents


2. Name of the position: Intern for videography/ photography

The responsibilities include:

  • Recording videos and taking photos.
  • Editing them and converting them into appropriate formats for website and social media
  • Trim footage segments and put together the sequence of a video clip
  • Input music and captions
  • Ensure logical sequencing and smooth running
  • Consult with relevant team members from production to post-production process
  • Maintain all photos captured and videos edited in proper archival systems


3. Name of the position: Intern for a special book project

The responsibilities include:

  • Good planning and organizational skills
  • Conducting interviews of experts, academics and scholars for the book project.
  • Compiling texts and editing them for the book project.
  • The ability to work as part of a team.
  • Archiving and organizing all relevant contents associated with the project.
  • Conduct research to get factual information and authentic detail.
  • Present drafts to editors and writers for feedback.

Minimum eligibility requirements: Third or fourth year architecture students based in Dhaka, or fresh graduates with a B.Arch. degree.

Required work hours:

Working hours are from 10 am to 6 pm, from Sundays to Thursdays. The candidate will have to be available for working on special occasions, such as outdoor site visits or public events, which may take place on weekends and/or public holidays.

*Selected candidates are expected to maintain confidentiality and sensitivity while working as an intern.

Interested candidates can fill out the form below.

Deadline: 28th February, 2023.