Conversation with Michael Manfredi, Marion Weiss and Kazi Khaleed Ashraf—BI Between 04

Tue 15 Sep - Tue 22 Sep' 20

Michael Manfredi, Marion Weiss and Kazi Ashraf discuss the urban and landscape considerations to be made for any architecture project, their design philosophies and works in the riveting fourth episode of BI Between.

In the fourth video of the BI Between series, Marion Weiss, Michael Manfredi and Kazi Khaleed Ashraf discuss the wider horizon of architecture that includes landscape architecture, infrastructure and urbanism. Michael Manfredi and Marion Weiss are co-founders of WEISS/MANFREDI Architecture/Landscape/Urbanism based in New York City. Their practice is renowned for a cross-disciplinary design approach for which they have received many prestigious awards and accolades.

Originally recorded on:
Day 1: September 15, 2020
Day 2: September 21, 2020
From New York, Philadelphia and Dhaka.