Nusrat Sumaiya Tani

Director, Research and Design Program

Bengal Institute Team

Director, Research and Design Program and BAU Design Ltd.

Nusrat Sumaiya is the Director at the Research and Design Program of Bengal Institute and at BAU Design Ltd.

With over 17 years of working experience, she has collaborated on numerous projects with the government, private organisations and NGOs. Her major focus of work is to envision large scale developments and transcending the silos for smart cities along with its public domains through the integration of knowledge and prolific approaches. She aims to bridge the gap between research and implementation of optimized and resilient solutions at multiple scales. She co-founded Auritra Architects in 2013 to continue her own practice and has worked as an associate architect at ARC Architectural Consultants. Her works have been exhibited at different exhibitions and published in several reputed publications of Bangladesh and abroad. In addition to being the director of the Research and Design Program, she is also the director of BAU Design Ltd

She can be reached at [email protected]