Improvising Architectural Responses to the Changing Climate: Making, Sharing and Communicating Design Process - A Presentation by Tumpa Husna Yasmin Fellows

Sat 22 Jun - Sat 22 Jun' 19

Tumpa Husna Yasmin Fellows spoke about her research which is focused on the reflective process, integrated within her own direct experience of practising architecture through end-user participation and co-design. The reflection of her own practice for the co-designed project in Bangladesh, the Rajapur Community Building for Women’s Literacy and Healthcare, is represented in the process of drawings, photographs, animations and writing.

One of the most significant consequences of this method of practising architecture is that this enabled her to identify and communicate the kinds of existing methods of adaptation and architectural practices that address the issues of responding to the rapid changing climate of the riparian characteristics of Bangladesh. All of which lead to the explication and sharing of these largely unspoken, undocumented and often very local methods and networks of knowledge. The collection of information took the process of community engagements, interviews, meetings which led to drawing, making and building with the community of the Rajapur village.

The research intended to address the gap in knowledge of the process and the approach of architecture through participation. Challenging and expanding the narrow range of possibilities that currently characterise approaches to the subject has been the aim of this project.

This was explored through various methods of dissemination and developed through an iterative process of testing the ideas and receiving feedback in several research symposia, other expanded fields and knowledge-based platforms, all of which are then folded back into my own practice-based research.

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UK based architect @tumpahusnayasminfellows speaks about building #climate resilient, #environment friendly #architecture in #Bangladesh — details and Livestream:

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