Abed Chaudhury: Architecture as an Embodiment and Natural Phenomenon- Conjectures and Questions from Kanihati

Wed 2 Sep - Wed 2 Sep' 15

Public event 4

Bengal Institute Public Lecture 04

Kanihati is the name of a Pargana, a conglomerate of about a hundred villages created from a land grant from the Tripura King in the 14th century. Result of a genetic admixture of Tripura people and immigrant Sufi Muslims from Yemen, Kanihati went through the process of “Abad” or taming and bringing structure to the land. This process produced the unique land use pattern, crops, roads, irrigation and the habitat in the form of dwellings, mosques etc. The whole arrangement of land is an embodiment of human propensity for creating habitat and culture. From this primordial arrangement, the subsequent development of of architecture in Bangladesh can be understood. Dr. Abed Chaudhury also engaged latest ideas of human biology and neuroaesthetics, and analyse the development of architecture in a human friendly way, that is, via embodiment.

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