BI/ GRU Research Logs: Sea Level Rise - Global and Bangladesh Scenario

Sea level rise scenarios around the world

Sea level rise is one of the dire consequences of climate change. Although the global mean sea level is found to be increasing, the rate of this rise is not uniform around the world and even in some parts falling sea level is observed. There are various reasons for regional fluctuations in sea level. How a coastal region will be affected by the changing sea level, especially in a delta, also depends on the sedimentation process, land subsidence, and coastal configuration. A research conducted by the GRU/Bengal Institute found that the sea level rise on the Bangladesh coast is higher than the global average (3 mm/y). However, we need extensive studies on various coastal processes to understand the magnitude of sea level rise impacts in our coastal region.

Author: Bandhan Dhar

[GRU is the Geographic Research Unit of Bengal Institute]