BI/ GRU Research Logs: The Importance of Considering Hydrological Basin in Planning

Basin consideration in planning and resource management

Hydrological basin is a natural hydrological “region” that drains water from a vast portion of land into a river. Every basin is geographically, geomorphologically, and hydrologically distinctive. Any obstacles created on the hydrological flow in any part of a basin make an impact on the entire hydrological system within the basin. Changing land use unsustainably in a basin area also exerts detrimental effects in the form of numerous environmental hazards, which ultimately affect our livelihood, economy, ecosystem service, and biodiversity. Therefore, in any land management, water management, or settlement planning, it is crucial to consider the hydrological basin and its characteristics to make the plan sustainable.

Authors: Sanjoy Roy and Mohammad Arfar Razi

[GRU is the Geographic Research Unit of Bengal Institute]