BI / BAU Works: Phultola Community Center, Khulna, 2018

Intended to improve the social and economic status of the Dalit community of the Phultola area in Khulna, BI / BAU developed a conceptual plan in 2018. Currently, the project has been revived with the same program but a different location.

Roof plan of the project with site surroundings

There are many Dalit communities in Khulna as compared to other parts of Bangladesh. These communities are not much developed in any region. By providing the opportunity for training to the young women, the whole community can develop and contribute to the society. Various trainings like sewing, local craft development, bamboo product making, computer learning etc. will make the women self sufficient economically. Apart from the training, the people of this area needs a cultural hub where they can arrange cultural shows or fairs on various festive occasions. The exposure to such cultural activities would enrich the women and children of the community. So this community center is needed for a better social and economic status for the whole community.

The site is located in a small village of Phultola, Khulna. The paved road from the east connects the site with the main road. The site is surrounded by dense trees on the north and paddy fields on the other sides. There are traditional houses around the area which have high plinth and tin shed roofs and a surrounding landscape full of green open spaces that have inspired the design of the training center.

View from reception area

The corridor in the front of reception area leads to the west block which had dining and training room on the upper floor. There are small pavilions facing the field where people can gather around and seat for a while.

 Level 01, south block

This training room is designed with flexible partition which allows the same room to be used as a whole or part by part. Each floor has a small lobby and gathering area for the participants.

View from multipurpose hall

The field, which is a major aspect to the community center can be used as a play field for children and women, it can host fairs during festive seasons or accommodate the audiences during cultural shows.

The upper floor also has small pavilions where participants can gather and enjoy the green view around the site.

The accommodations are placed in a location which has a vast view of the green paddy field. The ground floor can accommodate six persons and the upper floor can be used as workshops. There is a buffer of gardens between the dorms and the training centers.

Team Members: Kazi Khaleed Ashraf, Saif Ul Haque, Md. Masudul Islam, Nusrat Sumaiya, Rubaiya Nasrin, Afreen Ahmed Rochana, Zarin Tasnim, Hassan Md. Rakib