Mahmud Nagar Field and Canal Bank Development

Bengal Institute's proposal for creation of recreational park and development of canal at Mahmud Nagar, Narayanganj.

Mahmud Nagar field is a potential landscape area of North-east Narayanganj. North edge of this field is along the Modonganj canal therefore it has a potential impact on the canal bank and also Shitalkshaya river bank. This field is already surrounded with beautiful landscape elements and functions. Mahmud Nagar graveyard is one of them and it is an important place for the local people. Overall area components are:

Bengal Institute has a proposal of developing the whole field with existing landscape elements and the local functions. A brief key points of the design elements are given below:


Field and Sports

An adequate space big field sports such as football, cricket, volleyball etc can be played on the allocated uninterrupted area. Small pavilion or open amphitheater can be developed around the field. Existing trees will be organised if needed.

Retained Field Edge and Mound Area

Field edge could be an issue to protect the area boundary as a landscape and also an edge with small mounds will give an impression of deep green image for the surroundings. These mounds with small water bodies will shape the pathway in different levels from the ground. A flower meadow will be one of the elements of this part.

Graveyard and Pond on Entry Courtyard

Retaining walkways around the graveyard and pond with openings from the two corner will ensure the space flow and represent the serenity of existing graveyard. A courtyard pavilion will be added one left side of the graveyard pond. A beautiful component of this area is betel nut garden. All the pathways will be a guide to experience the beauty of the garden.

Canal Bank Gallery along the Field

A fluid shaped gallery with a plaza will be designed to make a transitional space between the canal bank and the field. Many public functions can be incorporated within it.