Arfar Razi

Sr. Research and Design Associate

Bengal Institute Team

Geographer, Environmentalist, Sr. Research and Design Associate, Bengal Institute for Architecture, Landscapes and Settlements

Arfar Razi, a Geospatial researcher, environmentalist and writer, graduated from the University of Dhaka (DU) in Geography and Environment. Later, he did his Master of Science in Geoinformatics (GIS/RS) and Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) concentrating salinity intrusion & climate change effect on coastal areas of Bangladesh from the same university on 2015. He had been nominated for the Dean’s Scholarship of the faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences for his M.Phil. research. Besides he completed some course works in Water Resources Development from BUET. As a GIS and Remote Sensing specialist, Razi uses location intelligence in problem identification and provides spatial analyses using a set of geospatial tools & techniques i.e., terrain analyses, spatial pattern analyses, spatial statistics, hydrological analyses & modeling, land use analyses etc.

He has been involved as one of the principal researchers with several significant research projects of Bengal Institute such as Dhaka Nexus, Bangladesh Sedimentation Study, Dhaka Population Study, The Padma Fluvial Changing Analysis, The Ganges Delta Study, Sylhet Regional Study etc. He had been a Research Fellow at DU and also worked with some UNDP projects. Earlier on 2010, he started his career working with the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh with a project titled a2z Dhaka Street Mapping. Broadly, Razi’s research works focus on fluvial geomorphology, hydrology, land use, hazard and risk assessment, UHI effect, urban microclimate and other urban issues. He has written for some national and international newspaper, magazine and some scientific journals on geomorphology, climate science and other urban issues. He loves traveling.