Bashirul Haq (1942-2020)

Principal Architect, Bashirul Haq & Associates

Master Faculty | Visiting & Regular Faculty

Bashirul Haq is one of the most critically acclaimed contemporary architects of South Asia

Bashirul Haq is known for his ideological environment- responsive architectural style. Fazlur Rahman Khan, partner of SOM suggested that Haq join there. But he returned to Bangladesh and established Bashirul Haq & Associates in 1977 and started practicing architecture. In his 45 years of professional career Haq has designed more than 250 buildings. Haq’s architectural style is celebrated for reflecting cultural roots, respecting local context, urban sustainability and the use of natural light and air.

Bashirul Haq died on 4th April, 2020 at around 18:30 in a hospital in Dhaka.