Photography, Architecture and Plus - A Special Workshop with Sandro di Carlo Darsa: February 2019 Session

Mon 11 Feb - Wed 20 Feb' 19

Sandro di Carlo Darsa is an eminent French photographer globally known for his works on architecture and photographic stories.

Photography and architecture often have shared the similar discourses since the invention of camera, complimenting, communicating and showcasing each other. Architecture is always there, in the foreground or the background of modern, urban life and photography. There are some special skills to learn while shooting architecture or the life around it.

Sandro di Carlo Darsa is a professional photographer, expert in architecture photography and photodocumentary, production and graphic design, from a storyboard to a commercial shooting.

As a qualified architect from Paris-Belleville, his unique style brings freshness and professionalism to storytelling. Mixing architecture and documentary photography, exploring and documenting social issues and people’s lives around the world is Sandro’s unique approach, from rational to emotional.

Working worldwide with a number award winning architects, magazines and companies who focus on social issues, together with his personal projects, has given Sandro a broad view of the world through the eye of both the still and video camera.

Date: February 11th-20th, 2019. Generally Sunday to Wednesday. Total around 8 days of activities.Link to this page for easy sharing: