Photography, Architecture and Plus - A Workshop with Sandro di Carlo Darsa: February 2019 Session

Mon 11 Feb - Wed 20 Feb' 19

Sandro di Carlo Darsa is an eminent French photographer globally known for his works on architecture and photographic stories.

Photography and architecture often have shared the similar discourses since the invention of camera, complimenting, communicating and showcasing each other. Architecture is always there, in the foreground or the background of modern, urban life and photography. There are some special skills to learn while shooting architecture or the life around it.

Sandro di Carlo Darsa is a professional photographer, expert in architecture photography and photodocumentary, production and graphic design, from a storyboard to a commercial shooting.

During the workshop Sandro di Carlo Darsa shared his invaluable experience in architecture photography while all the participants embarked on finding out what makes a great shot. During the lectures participants put there works on display for an in-depth critique while trying to figure out how to improve their craft.

There were numerous outdoor shoots as exercise to gain hands on experience in photography. These works were later reviewed while the participants strove to get better and better snaps each passing photo-shoot.

For the first outdoor photo shoot, Sandro and the workshop participants explored the intricate and narrow alleys of Old Dhaka on foot. The photo assignment was about portraying what Old Dhaka was all about through 10 photos, to a foreigner like Sandro himself. Below are some of the photographs taken by the participants.

Workshop with Sandro di Carlo Darsa in Old Dhaka

For the second outdoor photo shoot, the team visited Gulshan Society Mosque where the assignment was to portray the individuality and uniqueness of Bangladeshi architecture to a French architectural magazine. A select number of these shots are displayed here.

Workshop with Sandro di Carlo Darsa at Gulshan Society Gulshan Society Jame Mosjid

Finally, for the third assignment, the workshop participants visited The Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka and attempted to recreate the magic of Muzharul Islam’s masterpiece through their lens, for publishing purposes in a French architectural magazine.

Workshop with Sandro di Carlo Darsa at Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka

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