'PUBLIC SPACE AND THE COMMONS' - A Workshop on Writing

Sun 4 Jun - Tue 20 Jun' 23

A two week non-fiction writing workshop titled “Public Space and the Commons.” The workshop will encourage participants to think – and write – about the idea of the commons and public(s), particularly what constitutes a public or a commons or multiples of

A Workshop on Writing
Faculty: Parsa Sanjana Sajid
Date: 4th – 20th June, 2023 (2 class meetings per week)
In this first ever writing workshop at BI, participants will be introduced to a variety of texts and materials on these topics. The workshop will focus on writing as both craft and concept – how to think about them so we can write about them. They are expected to read and critically engage with assigned texts and materials on the theme, and draw inspiration from them, in order to produce their written work. Each session will be divided into discussion, writing, and feedback on pre-selected topics under the theme of “public space and the commons.” There will be a series of writing exercises in English including writing on prompt, experimental writing, pair-writing, short and long form writing. Participants are expected to be comfortable discussing and presenting their work with others in the workshop, provide feedback to each other’s work, and to contribute to a final project under the guidance of the mentor. Please note this is not a “writing 101” workshop but will cover the basics of conceptualization, style and argument, revisions to the writing process built around a specific theme.
The workshop is open to all backgrounds, educational, and professional experiences. Women, ethnic and religious minorities are particularly encouraged to apply.
Parsa Sanjana Sajid is an accomplished writer and researcher based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her interests are in politics, social movements, urban and social spaces, art and culture, particularly digital cultures. She has written for March, New Age, New Internationalist, and Migrant Journal among others and previously contributed to The Funambulist. Parsa is currently working on an edited volume on national imaginaries and attachments to be published by Routledge.