Kakoli Intersection

Design proposal to solve a critical traffic node

Dhaka have been infamous traffic congestion for a while. Over concentration of vehicles, lack of roads, absence of a proper public transport system etc. have made travelling in the city is nothing short of a nightmare. The roads are also extremely unsafe, especially for pedestrians. According to a study conducted by Accident Research Institute (ARI) at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, a total of 307 road accidents took place in Dhaka’s 54 busiest intersections between 2009 and 2015, claiming as many as 198 lives and leaving 103 others injured.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, most of the intersections cause bottlenecks for traffic and create chaos on the streets not only for the vehicles but also for pedestrians. Kakoli is in one of the many intersections in the city with severe traffic congestion. Moreover, it is one of the most dangerous for the pedestrians because of speeding heavy vehicles. The intersection is also a very important node in terms of traffic movement, as it is one of the entry points towards Banani and Gulshan R/A, the commercial hub and corridor along Gulshan Avenue.

The proposal includes separation of traffic and pedestrian flow of the area by ramps and elevated walkway, with a view to incorporating surrounding infrastructures into the design. The transportation system analysis have also been done using micro-simulation of the traffic, resulting a detail schematic design of the traffic flow with proper signalization and control.