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Bengal Institute Mourns Fazle Hasan Abed's Death

Bengal Institute deeply mourns Sir Fazle Hasan Abed’s death, and sends condolences to his family and loved ones. He was a person larger than life with unparalleled courage to take on the biggest challenges of the world. In 1972, he gave up his corporate life, sold his London flat, and invested all of his money in creating BRAC to help the people who needed the most in a war torn country that was devastated by a cyclone. Ever since, his organisations have touched millions of lives all over the world.

Sir Abed was a dear friend, admirer and the Chairman of Bengal Institute’s Advisory Board. He was always present with full support in all our biggest events and achievements. The kind of person he was, he would never rest until solving all the problems of the country, and until the last human is living a dignified life. We promise to uphold that spirit, and contribute to his vision of creating an inclusive world, free of injustice and inequality.


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