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Call for Volunteers for an International Exhibition

Apply ASAP to join in the ongoing work for an international traveling exhibition featuring exemplary works of modern and contemporary architecture of Bangladesh.

Bengal Institute for Architecture, Landscapes and Settlements is currently organizing the launch of an international traveling exhibition which features some of the most renowned and exemplary works of Bangladeshi architecture in modern and contemporary times. To assist with the launch and other tasks related with the exhibition, we are seeking 4 enthusiastic and hardworking individuals as volunteers.

Minimum eligibility requirements: Third of fourth year architecture students based in Dhaka, or fresh graduates with a B.Arch degree.

Duration of availability: 4pm to 8pm for 1 month, starting in December 2022. Volunteers should also be available during any seminars or lectures that are organized as part of the exhibition. Snacks will be provided to the volunteers during their duty.

Fill up the form here to apply for this position!

Deadline for application: 24th November, 2022