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Marina Tabassum Architects' Works at Exhibitions in the UAE

Two of Marina Tabassum Architect's works are now on display in the United Arab Emirates.

‘Phoenix Will Rise’ is a work by Marina Tabassum Architects in collaboration with Rana Begum being exhibited in ‘Is This Tomorrow?’ exhibition which will run through November.

‘Inheriting Wetness’ is a commissioned research by Sharjah Architecture Triennial which focuses on inheritance along the Padma- Meghna bank where the delta is dynamic to shifts and changes. Her research is displayed within the three houses to highlight how the families that relocate their homes as river channels move within the Bengal Delta. She found that numerous families living near the Padma, Meghna and Jamura rivers own land that can be submerged for years at a time, but is reoccupied when the water recedes. The Triennial will run until the first week of February.