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Saif Ul Haque Sthapati Wins Aga Khan Award for Architecture

Saif Ul Haque Sthapati has won the Aga Khan Award for the 2017-2019 cycle for their project Arcadia Education Project.

A huge congratulations to the team and everyone involved in the project.

Architect Saif Ul Haque is also the Director of Research and Design Program at Bengal Institute.


About Arcadia Education Project

After four decades of teaching in United Kingdom, Razia Alam returned to her home country of Bangladesh where she established a school for underprivileged children, using her pension funds.

When the lease on the existing premises of this school expired, its founder sought out a site on which to build. The budget restricted her choice to areas not well suited for development. Wanting the school to be near water, she purchased a riverside plot which, it turned out, is submerged in up to 3m of monsoon water for a third of the year.

Rather than disrupting the ecosystem to create a stabilised mound for building on, or erecting a structure on stilts that would have been too high in the dry season, her chosen architect – a lifelong acquaintance – devised the solution of an amphibious structure, anchored to the site, that could sit on the ground or float on the water, depending on the seasonal conditions.

Read more at the Aga Khan Website.

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