Spring 2017: February Session: The Fabric of Culture

Sun 5 Feb - Tue 28 Feb' 17

February Session was a month-long session that explored how culture is interwoven with our society in every aspect of our lives. As always, we had a fantastic line-up of faculties, both from home and abroad.

Culture is a fabric woven by the strands of artistic, literary, intellectual and humanistic practices. What mental world does a writer proceed from when writing? To what history of norms does a dancer/choreographer abide with in his or her work, especially when creating new work? To what cultural imagination a sarod player adheres to? What futures does an archaeologist imagine while conducting an excavation? How do all these strands talk to each other? And how may they tie with architecture? Important figures from various cultural practices will help us understand these questions through talks, discussions and demonstration in a month-long festival of culture!