Bengal Institute's COVID-19 Responses

Bengal Institute's coordinated COVID19 responses around data, maps and visualisations

বেঙ্গল সুরক্ষা স্টেশন – Bengal Shurokkha Station
A low-cost device for sanitisation in public places

Details of Shurokkha Station

An ATLAS of COVID-19 with Geographic and Epidemiological Data

A quick demonstration of the Atlas:

কোভিডকালে নিরাপদ বাজার – Planning Safe Marketplaces in the Time of Pandemic
মহামারীর এই দুর্দিনে বাজারে তো যেতেই হচ্ছে, শহর অথবা গ্রামের বাজারগুলোকে কিভাবে নিরাপদ করা যায় তার কিছু বিকল্প চিন্তা:
Open-space safe marketplace - feature

COVID-19 Dhaka Neighbourhood Based “Case Rate” Density – Interactive Dashboard 
Click on the image for details: [updated daily, following IEDCR data]
COVID-19 Dhaka updates

COVID-19 Active Case in Bangladesh – Interactive Dashboard
Click on the image for details: [Updated daily, following IEDCR data]
COVID19 Bangladesh Case Rate

COVID-19 Awareness Campaigns

Click to visit and download:
COVID-19 Bengali Posters

Confronting COVID-19: What We Can Learn from Other Nations and What We Can Plan in Bangladesh
A strategic analysis – learning from Taiwan, China, South Korea and Singapore
Open-space safe marketplace - feature

Tackling a Pandemic with Geospatial Analysis
An article on how mapping and data is helping with understanding and strategising to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Click the image:
Role of Air Traffic in COVID-19 spread

Disclaimer: Please note that there are numerous parameters for the Coronavirus outbreak, and spread of the virus. All those parameters are rapidly changing, and are also highly time sensitive. We do not guarantee the timeliness of the updates of any data. No immediate conclusion can be made from the information presented here. We advise further extensive research before producing any conclusive remarks from these maps and data. Bengal Institute is not the primary source of any of the information. We only designed the presentation of the data, and the collation of various parameters. The information made available here is assembled from global sources as listed in the credits section.

Data sources: Various local and international sources as mentioned on the maps and visuals.
Maps and interactive dashboards
: Arfar Razi, Sanjoy Roy, Monojit Saha, Bandhan Dhar

Awareness illustrations and animation: Oona Ashraf, Nazmus Sakib, Zarin Tasnim
Safe Marketplace plans developed by: Rubaiya Nasrin, Hassan Mohammad Rakib
Confronting COVID-19 article: Sabiha Haq, Samira Marzia
Research and Design Coordination: Nusrat Sumaiya Tani
Editing and Publishing: Farhat Afzal, Muntakim Haque; coordinated by Mohammad Tauheed

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